Help Keep The World In One PEACE With PEACEPAL

Peace Pal © is the brainchild of Planetpals Creator Judith Gorgone.

It stemmed from her website which concentrates on fun facts about world peace and tools to help you make peace in your own little world and the big world around you.

Peace Pal is the official ambassador for peace, tolerance and understanding.  A Flower child in a vintage VW! Peacepal’s goals: To stop Bullying and Prejudice and to promote Kindness, Friendship and Peace:  A utopian and believer on spreading the word for the good of all.

Some of PeacePal’s slogans are: Help keep the world in one peace, Peace and love for all living things, One world equals peace and A rainbow for peace.

PeacePal’s Poem:

  • My name is Peace-Pal
  • And I like the world calm
  • A place free from anger
  • Without any harm
  • Let’s take away conflict
  • Put safety in it’s place
  • Have a world full of freedom
  • For the whole human race
  • Be friendly, don’t fight
  • Let’s laugh and let’s sing
  • Create a joyful world
  • For all living things

Available for licensing


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